Drawing by  Molly Agnew

Drawing by Molly Agnew

Benefits of prenatal massage therapy:

  • promotes relaxation and stress reduction
  • prevention of stretch marks
  • immune system enhancement
  • increases blood and lymph circulation
  • reduction of leg edema
  • relief of muscle spasms, cramps & pain
  • provides emotional support
  • corrects dysfunction in weight-bearing joints
  • prepare for the experience of labor
  • improves labor outcomes

I understand the unique needs of expectant mothers. I have special body cushions, bolsters and wedges to allow perfect body positioning that is safe for you and your baby, helping you to completely relax and enjoy your massage.  Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your specific prenatal or postpartum  massage needs before booking your appointment.

"I received the gift of a massage with Valerie and had a fantastic massage with her when I was 8 months pregnant. She was really attentive about finding comfortable ways to support me and my big old belly on her table, and that was before she even started the massage! The massage itself was just as lovely and I left her studio feeling soothed, relaxed, and blissful. Any expectant mamas, go see Valerie, she will take excellent care of you and your baby bump!"

-Pei-Yee W.

Supportive Body Cushion For Pregnancy Bodywork

Supportive Body Cushion For Pregnancy Bodywork